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May 2003

The Breaker Anointing

by Jill Austin

Micah 2:13 - The one who breaks open will come up before them; they will break out, pass through the gate, and go out by it; their king will pass before them, with the Lord at their head.

What does it take for heaven to invade earth? It takes a breaker anointing! One of God’s names in the Bible actually is the “Breaker.” A breaker anointing is a catalytic deposit of the Holy Spirit where eternity breaks through into the natural realm. It is a holy invasion where the gates of heaven are broken open with visitations of salvations, healing and deliverance.

This type of anointing will break through every obstacle and hindrance to the furtherance of the Gospel. It shakes every shackle loose that holds individuals and the Church back from coming into their destiny and inheritance. Jesus promises that “the Kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force.” The breaker anointing is the core anointing of the apostolic church for advancement.

Contending at the Gates

Today there is tremendous warfare at the gates of our cities; there is a contesting at these gates to shut down the supernatural. Demonic forces often control the entry way of God’s presence. For example, you may feel a tangible heaviness, a ceiling or oppression in a service. It takes a breaker anointing to open up the spiritual atmosphere so heaven can invade earth.

When the breaker anointing occupies an area, individuals, churches, socio-political structures, and belief systems are revolutionized. The Breaker must come to see the transformation of our cities.

Let me offer you one of my favorite examples of one who carried this anointing. Maria-Woodworth Etter was a healing evangelist in this past century. She was such a friend of Holy Spirit - as you are learning to be - that for fifty miles around her, the glory of the Lord would cover that region. She was often surrounded by a glory cloud with signs and wonders following her!

Receive a Fresh Impartation

Do you want a breaker anointing? Do you want the fullness of the Holy Spirit? The Lord wants to once again manifest Himself as The Breaker. Get ready! Cry out for this anointing!

Prayer: Lord, I am going to press into this because I am hungry for all of You. What I have is good, but it is not enough. I want my life to carry a breaker anointing. I want my life to break out and confront people who are suffering so that they can be touched. I want to contend at my city gates and bring heaven to earth!

England, Ireland & Wales Tour

March 13-31, 2003

By Linda Valen, Ministry Director for Master Potter

Jill Austin was invited by Roger and Sue Mitchell, founders of Passion and Target Europe Ministries, to hold strategic meetings and work with key gatekeepers in eight cities within England, Ireland, and Wales. As Sue Mitchell wrote, “We recognize Jill to have a breaker anointing that opens up the heavens and she is also able to impart that to others. We are grateful to have her!”

The spiritual journey of the United Kingdom has been one of being deeply touched by renewal. As a result, the Lord is doing a major new thing so churches and leaders have to rethink and reshape what it means to be the church today. It has been a very interesting journey in looking at new shapes and new structures in how to be an effective church in a day of change and being willing to be de-structured to bring in the new things God has. The expression of Christianity is being changed to touch the world!


Our ministry time in Romford brought pools of glory that would sovereignly sweep people into whirlwinds of His presence throughout the room as rows would hit the floor and bask in His glory. It was a time of impartation and activation for everyone!

The youth of London have recently been pouring into Romford because it has become the weekend hot spot. When Jill prophesied a youth revival, the place went ballistic as young people experienced dramatic impartations during the prophetic proclamations.

Strategic Leaders in England

Roger and Sue Mitchell invited Jill to minister to their group, Building Together, which are the key national leaders from across the eight regions of England. Their purpose in having Jill come was to ignite their gatekeepers with the fire of God to take them to a new level of anointing. They were met with fiery impartations, angelic encounters, and radical grippings of God that undid most of them! One of leaders had the following visitation:

The Piercing Eyes of the Lord!

“Suddenly the heavens began to open before me. There were rows upon rows upon rows of angels behind it. They would come towards me – one to the right and one to the left - like a veil that opened consecutively from angel to angel to angel, opening up as I walked through their ranks.”

“As I looked behind me, I saw the eyes of the Lord. They were so penetrating and piercing! His eyes of fire were that of the fire of jealousy and the fire of longing and ardent, ardent passion for His people and His Kingdom.”


In three days we covered Ireland from the North to the South as Jill ministered in Belfast, Dublin and Cork. It was interesting to experience the different spiritual climates in each city. Ireland’s destiny is strategic as a forerunner, prophetic nation whose root systems are that of the mystics, the seers, and the revelatory prophetic realms.

Jill challenged the people to go into their spheres of influence and go for the big fish like Saint Patrick did. He brought the Gospel to a pagan King who accepted Jesus, which affected the entire nation of Ireland.

The Seer Dimension – Open Heavens

The atmosphere was so pregnant with the presence of the Lord that whatever Jill proclaimed, it was immediately evident in the room! As the heavens opened, people began to see in the Spirit realm and the room became “electric” with excitement because God was in the house!

A woman saw a stone altar, with two golden wings, flying through the heavens, trying to find a place of landing where the heart was already quickened to be the offering. The fire had already consumed the offering because there has already been One offering – Jesus. It looked like a heat haze after a burning but there was enough heat there to catch fire for those who were willing to climb on the altar.

The Line of Demarcation with Pillars of Fire

In Cork, another woman saw two fiery pillars form a portal over a line of demarcation where two powerful warrior angels, dressed in silver chain mail, were brandishing swords. People had to count the cost because they were lopping off the heads of those who crossed over. In ‘losing their heads’, they had to function out of a new understanding in the Spirit instead of operating out of their heads (minds). It was as though they would ‘lose their mind’ so to speak, to walk into this new dimension.


The spiritual DNA of this land is something we should all cry out for! The Celtic people of Wales experienced a powerful move of the Spirit during the Welsh Revival, which was ear marked by the seer anointing, visitations, the fire of Elijah, desert fathers and the radical mystical realm!

The worship was rich and glorious as the strong presence of the Lord came into the room. Several young people stood in the midst of the meeting, trembling, weeping, and crying out to God, totally unaware that Jill was preaching.

A Visitation of Martyrdom

Colwyn Bay, Wales, was the site of another visitation of martyrdom. A woman saw an altar of stone and it had no heat, no fire, and no sacrifice. It was void of the Lord’s presence. Then she heard voices under the altar - it was the voices of the martyr’s crying out, “How long, oh Lord, how long!” They were interceding for others to make sacrifices and offerings on the altar like their offerings. It was a call to martyrdom.

Near the altar she saw a cross bow - a weapon of the Lord. He was looking for people who would be the arrows He could shoot into the hearts of the enemies of the King; ones who would give their lives as a weapon for God. Suddenly she was asked to be one of His arrows. She wept because she didn’t want to take out just one enemy. If she was going to die, she wanted to take as many out as she could. In order to do that, the Lord put His glory (His eternal weaponry) on her head so she could be shot many times, but she knew it would be unto death … but for His glory.

Pressing in for Another Great Awakening

April 16 – 20th, West Haven, CT

When God shows up, no one is safe. When His kabod sweetly settles in a meeting, lives are ruined. And when the Holy Spirit is invited not only to visit, but to stay, historic breakthrough is on the horizon.

In Jill Austin’s own words, God moved in West Haven, Connecticut, on April 16–20 with a degree of glory and power that “I have never seen in my meetings in the United States.” Why now? Why West Haven?

This key gatekeeper church is prophetically positioned just miles from the very epicenter where America’s first revival once swept through the land. On a divine assignment to uncap the wells of The Great Awakening, Jill’s heart was to press in for the Lord to rend the heavens and come down, ushering in a realm of glory so manifest and so contagious that a revival simply must follow.

Prior to these meetings, Pastor Brian Simmons had received three very profound prophetic words from well-respected prophets in America and the United Kingdom, confirming that there would be very unusual Holy Spirit activity surrounding the same dates: April 16-20. This word of the Lord did not return to Him void but was fulfilled mightily!

Across the Continents: Prophetic Re-enactment of the Great Awakening

Wednesday night the meeting burst open within the first few moments with Jill giving a prophetic word to a young evangelist. As the word of the Lord went forth, the fire of God fell on this girl as she twirled around beautifully with angelic activity surrounding her. The dancing hand of the Lord spread to others. This immediately caused the faith level of the room to rise, the atmosphere to become charged, and the heavens began to open.

It’s very interesting to note that Jill’s ministry assignments in March and April prophetically paralleled with how the Great Awakening historically was birthed. America was actually founded on the coat-tails of the Great Awakening, which first began in England, then spread to Wales, and then hit the East Coast just miles from where we ministered! God sent Jill on that exact same pattern: First ministering in England, then Wales and finally back just to Connecticut. God synergistically joined the ancient wells of two historic revivals: The Welsh Revival and The Great Awakening. Interestingly, Katherine Brown, a prophetess from Ireland whose passion is to uncap the Welsh Revival, came to attend this meeting. Two seaboards, two historic movements, two prophets joining in one meeting!

A Celtic warrior call went forth and Jill had two walls of people face each other: The younger generation facing the older generation; a fire tunnel of thick anointing being built as Jill and Katherine tag-teamed to uncap the wells of historic revival. Drums beat in a courageous war march as the crowds roared with energy. The wildness of God was unleashed as an army of bravehearts were assembled.

Simultaneous Open-Eyed Visions

Not only did the warfare increase, but the glory also thickened with each meeting. The following night, corporate deliverance broke out as Jill sensed witches were planted in the meeting. Even in the midst of God setting people free, the Holy Spirit downloaded the exact same open-eyed vision to two separate seers. They both saw angelic movement dancing through the room as a delicate, subtle gossamer garment spread and portals of angels began to open. Thinking that he was crazy, the first man struggled with believing this vision until a second man approached him and described the exact same scene without him muttering a word! Truly, their visions were accurate as angelic activity flooded the room.

The Manifest Presence

On Friday night, Jill preached from Exodus 19 on the fear of the Lord and what God desires and requires of us before we can ascend the hill of the Lord to have a visitation. God asked Moses to come up the holy mountain that no one else was invited to or allowed to touch! Jill challenged the crowd that revival must start with them.

The Great Awakening was birthed by a couple of young Oxford college students (Wesley and Whitfield) who simply made a “Holy Club” with the purpose to be wholly devoted unto God. When we ask God to truly come and be in our midst, we must realize that He comes as a consuming fire first to burn away everything that is not of Him. We want to be those who move God’s heart to such a passionate degree that He invites us, as He did Moses, to climb the holy hill of the Lord and meet with Him.

A heavy fear of the Lord gripped the room. Standing on the pews, I watched a packed auditorium, not of spectators staring at a stage but, of individuals each engaging with God. Not a one-man show or yet another emotional predictable conference, the room was packed with people personally and profoundly encountering God for themselves. Simply stated, God met with His people.

The King of Glory Enters the Room

The final evening was truly remarkable. One seasoned prophetic intercessor had a literal visitation where Jesus came as The King of Glory. Riding in on a white horse, striding down the center aisle with angels lining the room, an Angel of Revival came ready for battle. Then, The King of the Glory, The Captain of the Hosts of a heavenly Army entered the room! Barely able to describe the vision and often only able to whisper, “Holy, holy, holy,” this intercessor would spit out phrases and go back into a deep visitation. She warned us that the angelic army was ready for battle. In fact, the angels were waiting on us to get ready!

Chariots with wheels of fire rode in as angels were dropping hot coals of fire. The angels also brought flames to set people’s feet on fire and emblazon them for their destiny. The Lord was pairing two armies together: His heavenly host with His earthly troops who would join in agreement for historic breakthrough in New England. The prophetic intercessor, CJ, saw this invitation for revival and started exhorting the crowds, “Go! Go!”

Ministering during the 300th year anniversary of Jonathan Edwards, these meetings were truly strategic. God captured hearts for revival and revolution to hit the very land where Jonathan Edwards once saw thousands upon thousands swept into the kingdom. May God synergistically join together the ancient bowls of our forefather’s intercession with new and fresh cries for an even greater awakening. Jill will be back in West Haven in August!

The following is from a sermon by Jonathan Edwards called Pressing into the Kingdom of God:

“God is now calling you in an extraordinary manner: and it is agreeable to the will and word of Christ, that I should now, in His name, call you, as one set over you, and sent to you to that end; so it is his will that you should hearken to what I say, as His voice. I therefore beseech you in Christ's stead now to press into the kingdom of God! Whoever you are, whether young or old, small or great; if you are a great sinner, if you have been a backslider, if you have quenched the Spirit, be who you will, do not stand making objections, but arise, apply yourself to your work! Do what you have to do with your might. Christ is calling you before, and holding forth his grace, and everlasting benefits, and wrath is pursuing you behind; wherefore fly for your life, and look not behind you!”

The Chess Board of God

In this season of change, Jill has often prophesied that the Lord is doing a lot of “suddenlies” in moving His players around on His giant chessboard, bringing geographic changes to people to position them for end time purposes. These “suddenlies” involve our ministry as well!

Our beloved bookkeeper, Bonnie Woods, is moving to the Seattle area at the end of this month because of her husband’s job relocation. We will miss her joyful heart and her deep life of prayer, to say nothing of her work in our office.

Jane Hovest, a friend of the ministry, “suddenly” came from out of town to our office this past Friday and we have hired her to replace Bonnie! Jane is also a strong intercessor who has worked with other ministries in the past in the areas of accounting and administration and she will be a great asset to our team.

Things are getting so busy that we have found it necessary to hire a Product Administrator to handle the ordering shipping of our products, and to cover our product table when Jill ministers on the road. Patty Foye, a dear friend of the ministry in San Francisco, will be joining us June 1 to handle that position. She has helped us on the road with our product table in several cities already. Patty is also a strong intercessor, and we are honored to have her on our team as well!

The Lord has blessed us with a solid team of gifted people who love Holy Spirit, and we are thankful!

Ministry Needs

We have undertaken several projects will will enable us to more efficiently run our ministry, allowing us to spend more time ministering in nations and cities around the globe. We would like to ask you to pray about contributing toward one or more of these projects:

  • Digital Camera - Nikon D-100 SLR -$2,500
    This camera will allow us to chronicle our journeys so that we can provide followers of this ministry with pictorial accounts of the events we minister at. It will also allow us to photograph some great new products that we would like to offer through our website. We have already purchased this camera and are believing for the Lord to provide the finances to cover the bill.
  • DVCAM/Mini-DV Video Camera - Sony DSR-PD150P - $4,000
    It is our goal to be able to video tape our conferences and speaking engagements so that we can make videos available to you on video and for download!
  • Sony Tape Deck & Sound Editing Software - $650
    We are in the process of digitally remastering our old and new teaching tapes, dramatically improving the audio quality of the tapes that we offer. We have a friend of the ministry who is doing the 200+ hours of remastering work, however we are believing for the donations to cover the cost of the software and equipment needed to complete the project.
  • Tape Duplicator - Sony CCP-1300 - $1500
    After years of faithful service, our in-office tape duplication machine has broken and we need to replace it.
  • Color Printer Duplexing Upgrade - Phaser 860 DP - $1000
    Our color printer has been such an asset to the ministry! We have been able to produce our beautiful new tape album covers and various other printed materials. We would like to purchase an upgrade for this printer which will increase the resolution printing capabilities and enable two-sided printing.
  • QuarkXPress 5.0 (Passport Edition) Software - $500
    Those of you who have a mailing address on file with us recently received our newly redesigned newsletter. The newsletter was professionally designed in QuarkXPress and we have purchased this program in order to produce future newsletters in house. We are blessed that the company which produces this program has special pricing which allows the ministry to get this $2000 piece of software for only $500!

Checks can be made out to Master Potter and sent to our office address. Gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law and a receipt for your donation will be mailed to you.

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